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Born and raised outside of Pittsburgh in the town of Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, currently living and working between NYC and DC

Nate began his working career as a critical care registered nurse, he received  a BSN in nursing in 2009 and has since then worked in a medical-surgical intensive care unit, a stroke unit, a neuroscience-surgical intensive care unit and a surgical recovery unit. He worked as a critical care registered nurse for nine years. He began pursuing the arts in 2008, first it was music, violin. He then started pursuing  the visual arts in 2010. A self taught artist, drawing inspiration from anatomy, physiology, disease processes, music,  and his nursing experience as a care taker of patients and their family members.


I am interested in the unseen. My work is driven by empathy, and the desire to understand nuanced points of view. By altering photographs, I aim to challenge people’s perspectives on race and history through distortion and illusion. Treating the paper like an organism itself, I sculpt patterns akin to cellular tissue and anatomical elements, allowing hidden histories and patterns to be uncovered from the photographs. I approach subjects and imagery from a diagnostic place with the idea of utilizing diagnostic lenses and contrast dyes . By virtue of my medical training, I am interested in the tensions that exist within and without us. Ultimately, the work embraces humanistic ideas of human connection and understanding.